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Your Brain on Crack Cocaine


7,510,412 views 5 years ago

Drug Addiction : How to Stop Smoking Crack


50,143 views 9 years ago

Rio de Janeiro's crack cocaine epidemic


103,385 views 5 years ago

Cape Town's Crack Crisis Laid Bare (2001)

Journeyman Pictures 

161,674 views 12 months ago

Brazilian crack cocaine epidemic

Channel 4 News 

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Rob Ford crack video released

CBC News 

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The effects of crack: A medical expert weighs in

The Globe and Mail 

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Toronto mayor admits smoking crack cocaine but refuses to resign.

euronews (in English) 

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Crack Cocaine Conflict In South Africa (1998)

Journeyman Pictures 

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Toronto mayor admits smoking crack cocaine

Al Jazeera English 

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Colombia's crack cocaine crisis

AFP news agency 

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Truth About Drugs Documentary: Crack


81,571 views 8 years ago

Sao Paolo steps up fight against crack cocaine

AFP news agency 

42,383 views 7 years ago