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What is Software Development

Technology Profession

66,587 views 4 years ago

Software Engineering Basics

0612 TV w/ NERDfirst

122,446 views 2 years ago

Why You Shouldn't Become A Software Engineer

Jarvis Johnson 

1,135,619 views 1 year ago

How To Build a Software Company With No Money

Dan Martell

107,913 views 2 years ago

Top 5 programming language in 2019 with Learning Paths

Hitesh Choudhary 

713,119 views 12 months ago

Learn SQL in 1 Hour - SQL Basics for Beginners

Joey Blue

1,620,518 views 2 years ago

SQL Crash Course - Beginner to Intermediate

Traversy Media 

647,502 views 3 years ago

How to think like a programmer

Hitesh Choudhary 

161,524 views 2 years ago

UK VS US Software Development (THE DIFFERENCES)

Joshua Fluke 

14,498 views 1 year ago

Software Development Career Paths: Starting Out

Bulldog Mindset

59,515 views 2 years ago