How I: Find, screen, and hire developers

How I: Find, screen, and hire developers

Google Developers 18,723 views 2015-03-06

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Title How I: Find, screen, and hire developers
Duration 08:42
Source YouTube
Tags Nomanini, CTO, Google Developer Expert, startup, process, hire, new employees, Google, GDS, How I, product: other, fullname: other, Location: other, Team: Ecosystem, Type: Storytime, GDS: Post Production, Other: NoGreenScreen

Nomanini's Chief Technical Officer and Google Developer Expert Dale Humby talks how to build a pipeline, screen, and onboard developers in your startup. Hear how he's refined the process and preserved culture along the way. Full playlist: Subscribe and follow Startup Launch: How I: is a video series where entrepreneurs share their tips, hacks, and lessons learned. Learn about this and other events at

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