Onshape | Our Story

Onshape | Our Story

Onshape 24,880 views 2015-03-09

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Title Onshape | Our Story
Duration 04:34
Source YouTube
Tags Free, Onshape, onshape cad, CAD, onshape, CAD tutorial, Onshape tutorial, Onshape improvements, 3D design, 3D Modeling, Onshape Update, Onshape New Update, Onshape Modeling, 2D Modeling, Onshape features, Onshape Tips and Tricks, Cloud CAD, CAD Data Management, CAD for Mac

What is Onshape? Every company has a story. This is ours. Onshape hit the reset button on product design software so you can use it anywhere, on any device, at any time. Hear from Onshape founders Jon Hirschtick, John McEleney, Dave Corcoran and other key team members who brought you modern CAD. Thanks for watching. Visit http://hubs.ly/H03xfyM0 to request your trial today!

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