Being A Software Engineer At Uber

Being A Software Engineer At Uber

Clément Mihailescu 10,323 views 2019-12-04

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Title Being A Software Engineer At Uber
Duration 12:56
Source YouTube
Tags software engineer, uber software engineer, uber software engineer intern, software engineering, software engineering at uber, uber backend design, uber backend architecture, uber infrastructure, engineering at uber, being a software engineer at uber, algoexpert cofounder, algoexpert antoine, clement mihailescu cofounder, clement mihailescu antoine, day in the life of an uber software engineer, infrastructure software engineering, uber open source, backend software engineer

In this video, Antoine Pourchet, an ex-Uber Software Engineer and the co-founder of AlgoExpert, shares what it's like being a software engineer at Uber. He talks about Uber's start-up culture, Uber's strong open source software, and more. Prepping for coding interviews? Practice with 85 video explanations of popular interview questions and a full-fledged coding workspace on AlgoExpert: (use "clem" promo code for a discount!)

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