Startup CEO: Role of a CEO

Startup CEO: Role of a CEO

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Title Startup CEO: Role of a CEO
Duration 05:19
Source YouTube
Tags Startup CEO, Matt Blumberg, the role of a CEO, day to day operations, vision alignment, culture building, how to be a CEO, Return Path, how to create strategy, build vision, building your team, keeping cash in the bank, cash flow, executing your plan, CEO communications

Role of a CEO (0:20) Defining Your Vision (0:54) Building a Team (1:46) Executing the plan (3:03) Day-to-day Operations (3:58) In this series, Matt Blumberg coaches entrepreneurs through the crucial transitions that turn a startup into a sustainable business and a founder into a CEO. Blumberg explains how thoughtful processes help shape operations, talent development, financing and work-life balance. ABOUT THE KAUFFMAN FOUNDERS SCHOOL Visit the website: [] The Kauffman Founders School presents a powerful curriculum for entrepreneurs who wish to learn anywhere, anytime. The online education platform features experts presenting lectures in series modules designed to give Founders a rich learning experience, while also engaging them in lessons that will make a difference in their business today, tomorrow, and in the future. The Kauffman Founders School series modules include Powerful Presentations, Intellectual Property, Founder's Dilemmas, Entrepreneurial Selling, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Surviving the Entrepreneurial Life, Startups, and much more. ©2016 Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. May not be used without permission. To enter a request for permission to use, contact [email protected]

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