Work at a Startup Expo 2019

Work at a Startup Expo 2019

Y Combinator 8,876 views 2019-06-29

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Title Work at a Startup Expo 2019
Duration 2:28:25
Source YouTube
Tags YC, Y Combinator, Work at a Startup, Work at a Startup Expo, Geoff Ralston Over 900 engineers joined us for YC’s annual Work at a Startup Expo. The event kicked off with our Female Founders & Engineers mixer, followed by our open Expo hall and pitches by 40 vetted & funded YC companies. If you weren’t able to make it, you can watch the keynote, hear the pitches and see which companies you might be interested in. Opening Remarks. Ryan Choi, Product Manager, Work at a Startup Keynote. Geoff Ralston, President of Y Combinator Startup Pitches, A-O. Including Checkr, Callisto, Faire, Lob & OpenPhone. Startup Pitches P-Z. Including PullRequest,, Scale, Segment & Standard Cognition. If you’re considering joining a startup, sign up at Work at a Startup. Create a single application and have over 200 YC companies reach out to you about great software engineering opportunities.

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