Rilès - !I'll Be Back! (Prod. Rilès)

Rilès - !I'll Be Back! (Prod. Rilès)

Rilès 4,356,891 views 2018-07-01

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Title Rilès - !I'll Be Back! (Prod. Rilès)
Duration 03:03
Source YouTube
Tags Rilès, Riles, I'll be back, what the fuck is on, who the fuck is in, hun, naruto, naruto beat, riles naruto, rilesundayz, brothers, utopia, damn damn goddamn, damn, goddamn, ill be back, ryles, rilaisse, kendrick, russ, kanye, pusha t, drake

was supposed to release a music video for this one, but I finally don't like how it turned out.. so try to picture it your head.. apologies 🙏 High-Quality version on platforms: Song : Produced/Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by me in my bedroom (Lyrics below) Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: 👻 @rilesrilesbitch _________________________________ lyrics: It's been a while, shit I missed the rehab, psyche was gone Ain't no room for rest when demons whisper "We should've won" Ain't no room for miseria when you got all you want You think I'm back at it, guess what ya 7mara, never been gone Hey mama don't worry no more Made 100k just from the store Another million to record The bailiff's daughters at my shows I'm twice as blessed as I'm ignored I need less but I want more I still do my shit alone, 'cause alone is way too much and they say "What the fuck is on? Who the fuck is in? Where the hell you at? Where the hell you been? Who the fuck is she? Who you dealing with?" Rilès back at it, Rilès never left Do you want to leave'em hating? Or do you want to elevate'em? Do you want to keep the paving? Boy you better not lose your patience Dissed by nation, 'cause it's the fashion But time's gon make all it's sense I can do my shit alone, 'cause we're many in my head September I finished it November on the scene Till December I built the entire store and made the prints Enero till April busy directing and cutting clips GH5, CS6 Lost some time but it's on fleek Face to face you ain't gon' do shit 'Cause of course it's the internet From all the letters I did receive No one had the guts to come at my face Niggaz play roles Niggaz do flex Niggaz sell weed just to buy a street cred So eat my balls Suck another dick And try to find yourself Didn't buy a car, I bought a lens DIdn't buy a chain, I bought a MX with a RED DIdn't buy to flex I'm better spending all I got to invest in my craft and triple-double all the blessings from my gains It's all on me, if you talk 'bout bread It's all on me, ain't no swank, don't sweat It's all on me, 'cause it began like we Only figures flip, no I didn't change And they say; "What the fuck is on? Who the fuck is in? Where the hell you at? Where the hell you been? Who the fuck is she? Who you dealing with?" Rilès back at it, Rilès never left Why you mad? What you mean? Pussy feelings Why you moan? What you feel? When your ear me Why you stalk? Why you here? Why you talk? Is it fear? What's your life? Probably som' sad and no worth so Which one do you wish for me, bish Why do you preach for? "Please never switch you a real one!" Rich boy, will he rejoin what he reached for? Still fresh out the Sheol, wasn't shit tho Damn damn, goddamn, Damn, goddamn, goddamn Damn damn, goddamn, Damn, goddamn, goddamn

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