What Is The Keto Adaptation Phase - Dr. Eric Westman

What Is The Keto Adaptation Phase - Dr. Eric Westman

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Title What Is The Keto Adaptation Phase - Dr. Eric Westman
Duration 10:22
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#AskADAPT: DR. WESTMAN DISCUSSES THE KETO ADAPTATION PHASE Has your body gone through some unexpected changes during the keto adaptation phase? Dr. Eric Westman answers your questions on some of these side effects. Visit our website: www.adaptyourlife.com Questions: Tiffany 1:19 How do you know when you are keto-adapted? Judy 2:30 Could the keto diet possibly help someone diagnosed with early kidney failure? Larry 3:08 Could you speak a little bit about increased body odor and acetone breath? Shannon 4:27 I noticed that when I went to do my regular cardio class, after 45 minutes I hit a point of no longer being able to do the class that I once was. What gives? Also, I noticed it when I hit mile 3 in running. It was like my muscles became limp noodles! So should you scale back on the intensity or type of work out until completely adapted. Eva 5:30 Discuss keto flu. Can I avoid it by doing Dr Ludwig’s diet portions backwards? Marie 6:28 Hair loss, or thining? Isabel 7:13 What about regularity problems? Shelly 8:21 Respiratory issues. Until I started this way of eating I haven't had breathing problems, is it because I'm eating fat? Jim 8:56 What about itchy skin? Not just dry skin but itchiness with bumps in localized areas.

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