#107: Build an Enterprise Software Startup: Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

#107: Build an Enterprise Software Startup: Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

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Title #107: Build an Enterprise Software Startup: Jason Lemkin, SaaStr
Duration 46:40
Source YouTube
Tags Enterprise software, software startup, selling enterprise software, Storm Ventures, saas startup, enterprise software sales, how to build a software company, Jason Lemkin, software company startup, SaaStr, CXOTalk, Business, investor, Enterprise Software (Industry), Startup Company (Website Category), Software As A Service (Industry), Vala Afshar, @mkrigsman, Venture Capital (Industry), Director (Board Member Title), Michael Krigsman, marketing, saastr annual, Saastr Coselling Space

Every entrepreneur knows that starting an enterprise software company is hard. Jason Lemkin, Managing Partner with Storm Ventures and founder of EchoSign (acquired by Adobe), shares his secrets for how to start and run a successful SaaS enterprise software company. Jason is also one of the most popular startup bloggers in the world on his site called SaaStr. At Storm Ventures, Jason focuses exclusively on early-stage SaaS/enterprise start-ups and helping them scale. Enterprise Starting Investing For both investors and entrepreneurs, the journey starts with an idea and a team. During the first part of our conversation, Jason will share his advice getting initial customers, ramping up the business, and expanding the company. Enterprise Sales and the SaaS Entrepreneur Selling into the enterprise requires a keen understanding of the product, market, and organizational dynamics in the buyer's company. We will discuss the unique attributes of enterprise software and make concrete suggestions for SaaS entrepreneurs. Throughout our discussion, ask Jason his advice by joining the conversation on Twitter. Use hashtag #cxotalk. Learn more at https://www.cxo-talk.com/build-enterp... ------------------ Check out all the CXOTALK episodes: https://cxotalk.com/episodes ------------------ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cxotalk ------------------

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