Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Culture, Vision, Mission

Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Culture, Vision, Mission

Harvard Innovation Labs 34,617 views 2014-02-01

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Title Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Culture, Vision, Mission
Duration 1:55:07
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Tags harvard i-lab, harvard innovation lab, michael skok, startup secrets, north bridge venture partners, culture, vision, mission, entrepreneur, Jason Purcell, Rob Gonzalez, Jeremy Redburn, salsify

Why is it so important to define a culture in the early stages of company formation? Because cultures aren't something you can easily back into over time; they're the fertile compounds that foster growth and inspire employees' actions and behaviors. This session with Michael Skok, a serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, will help you tackle the hard issue of how to define a culture that can help you encode the values that support standards of excellence and empower and drive teams to collaborate around shared goals. In that vein we will also discuss the importance of having a compelling vision and mission. The team from Salsify is our featured case study and they will share how culture has been established at their company. Learn more about the Harvard Innovation Lab at http://i-lab.harvard.edu/ and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/innovationlab and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/harvardinnov...

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