DotProduct Handheld 3D Imaging

DotProduct Handheld 3D Imaging

DotProduct 171,935 views 2014-08-18

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Title DotProduct Handheld 3D Imaging
Duration 04:47
Source YouTube
Tags DotProduct, 3D, Phi.3D, Handheld, Imaging, DPI-7, Mobile, CAD, Point Cloud, Capture, Reality Capture, 3D Data, Color, Engineering, Construction, Piping, Oil, Gas, Forensics, Real-Time, Feedback, Asset Management, Workflow, Scanning, BIM, Manufacturing, Software, PTS, PTX, Compression, Law Enforcement, Security Planning, SDK, Android, Autodesk (Award Winner), RECAP (Software), Autodesk Revit (Software)

Real-time. Mobile. 3D. An overview of DotProduct LLC, presented by co-founding executives Brian Ahern, Rafael Spring, and Tom Greaves.

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