Why The Rich End up Poor But The Wealthy Enjoy Life

Why The Rich End up Poor But The Wealthy Enjoy Life

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Title Why The Rich End up Poor But The Wealthy Enjoy Life
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In 1997 Robert Kiyosaki published a personal finance book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book instantly became a phenomenal success and in no time catapulted Kiyosaki, to the world of fame. In one of his books, he mentions that there is a disparity between being Rich and being Wealthy. And he went on and said something surprising that the “Rich” have lots of money, but the “Wealthy” don’t worry about money. Why the Rich end up Poor But The Wealthy Enjoy Life #TheRICHvsTheWEALTHY Audible 30 Day Free Trial: https://amzn.to/2mO6ow0 Music: (Dreams) by Bensound.com Practical Wisdom – Interesting Ideas

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