Are You Making This Mistake? (Learning Programming)

Are You Making This Mistake? (Learning Programming)

Andy Sterkowitz 201,829 views 2018-08-26

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Title Are You Making This Mistake? (Learning Programming)
Duration 08:20
Source YouTube
Tags learning programming, programming for beginners, self taught software developer, learning programming for beginners, becoming a software developer

Do you feel like you've been watching tutorials endlessly and not making headway on your goal of becoming a developer? You may be stuck in what I call "Tutorial Purgatory". In this video I try and cover what tutorial purgatory is, whether or not you are doing it and how to get out of it. *** Coaching *** Want to work with me personally to elevate your career and become a software developer in the next 4 months? If you consider yourself an action-taker who is fully committed to kick-starting your career as a developer then book your free Career Strategy Session with me by going to *** Social Media *** Catch me on social media: Twitter: @andysterks Facebook:

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