I’m Shaking After What Dad Did To Me At 16

I’m Shaking After What Dad Did To Me At 16

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Title I’m Shaking After What Dad Did To Me At 16
Duration 05:44
Source YouTube
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Do you have a story that needs to be heard? Submit it to https://www.deardiary.video/ We love to hear all kind of stories, but only the best ones will be animated. We just have one ground rule - your story needs to be REAL. Subscribe to Dear Diary channel: http://bit.ly/2YY3wxz -------------------------------- Hey guys, my name’s Addison. And I’m still shaking after what my father did to me when I was 16. You see, my mom left me and my dad when I was 8. She lives in another part of the country and barely contacts us. After the divorce, my dad was lost. He had a hard time coping with his emotions and raising me, so I tried my best to help him with everything - house chores, cooking, even searching for a job. After a while, he got better, he found a job and he seemed pretty happy. Our life was perfect - he would help me with math when I had a hard time understanding and I’d even help him fix his motorbike in a garage. But a couple of years ago, he got this big promotion and everything started falling apart. We both were pretty excited about his promotion as it meant that we would be able to go on holiday, maybe even travel a bit. But we didn’t get to do any of that, because SHE came along. One evening, when we were hanging out in the garage, he told me that he found another woman and he’s planning on marrying her. I was horrified at first, as I didn’t even know he was dating someone. But I decided to support him. I should be glad that he’s happy. Then he told me that she’s moving in with us. I’m gonna have a stepmom. Only if I knew back then how evil she is, maybe I could’ve stopped him. I was so nervous at first. What if she’s gonna change our relationship? But then, how horrible can she be if my amazing father fell in love with her? Well, turns out my father doesn’t have the best taste in women. She moved in with hundreds of her stuff - she had like twenty boxes only for her clothes. My dad asked me to move some of mine, so she would have enough closet space. The first red flag for me was that she didn’t have a job. She lived off of my father and didn’t even help us with anything around the house. She would tell me that her room seems messy and that I should clean it. She would then sit around, watching reality TV and complaining about what a horrible job I’m doing. She started asking my father for money and spending it to buy the most ridiculous things! She bought some fancy dog, then after a week or so, she got bored with it and ordered me to take care of it. She bought these designer dresses that she never wore. It was getting crazy. When we were alone at our home, she would nag me all the time. Saying that I’m already 16, maybe I could find a job and help my father, instead of sitting around after school. I decided that I’ve had enough and I should confront my father about it. Then this horrible evening came. My father came home, we were having dinner that I COOKED and, as always, she was saying that the food is cold, that I could at least try to make it taste better. I was getting ready to confront her, but then she said the most ridiculous idea - she said “Honey, don’t you think that this house is a little too small for all of us? I think we should get a bigger one, I heard Sally is selling her house, which would be perfect.” My dad sighed and told her that he doesn’t have the money. And then she dared to suggest that he should invest MY COLLEGE MONEY into her new house! My dad, of course, told her that that’s not going to happen, but apparently, she was ready for his reaction and dropped another bombshell. “I’m pregnant!”: She shouted with excitement. And that was it. That’s how she got my father to agree to sell out my future for her own pleasure. I broke down, telling him that he is crazy and that she’s a horrible woman to even suggest that, she doesn’t do anything, she doesn’t help around the house, she won’t even be a good mom. She started crying, so, of course, I looked like the bad guy in the situation. My father got so angry. He told me: “How dare you treat my pregnant wife like this?” and suggested that I should just move out. #DearDiary #gold_digger #stepmother #maneater #pregnancy #animated_stories #divorce #family #sharemystory #actuallyhappened -------------------------------- Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dear-Diary-2... Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deardiary.t... -------------------------------- Other videos: I Became A Millionaire & Left My Wife Without A Penny https://youtu.be/ZTlE3WEE1Zg I Googled My Teacher And Found His Dirty Secret https://youtu.be/aDNyJmGiDn0 DNA Test Revealed My Mom’s Dirty Secret https://youtu.be/hOlVder5UkY My Boyfriend Cheated On Me, So I Ruined Something He Was Working On For A Decade https://youtu.be/Dt6UGXILTNg How My Teacher Undressed Me In Front Of The Whole Class https://youtu.be/TVC9dcam9jA My Biology Teacher Told Me My Parents Can’t Be Mine https://youtu.be/c7b3Dccc6Dc

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