Watch This Before You Take Another Bite Of Watermelon

Watch This Before You Take Another Bite Of Watermelon

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Title Watch This Before You Take Another Bite Of Watermelon
Duration 06:17
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Because it's so delicious, we have to wonder if watermelon could possibly be good for you. After all, it does seem like most things we love are terrible for us, so is watermelon one of those things? We're going to find out. One of the best things about watermelon is its high water content of 92 percent, which makes it a great alternative to plain water. And, unlike many citrusy sports drinks, watermelon is not very acidic so drinking the juice isn't likely to cause acid reflux or other stomach-irritating reactions. It also contains B vitamins to boost your energy levels and electrolytes to replenish nutrients lost as you sweat. Talk about a tasty way to prevent heat stroke this summer! Watermelon also contains a type of amino acid known as citrulline, which works wonders on sore muscles and has been linked to improving blood flow and keeping your heart healthy. If that's what you're interested in, you should know: the white flesh near the rind actually contains more citrulline than the pink bits. Studies have shown that athletes who drink watermelon juice before intense workouts have quicker recovery heart rates and fewer sore muscles the next day. Drinking watermelon juice may also increase overall athletic performance. When your body process citrulline, it turns into another amino acid called arginine. While arginine has many functions, it primarily rids the body of excess ammonia. Since exercising releases ammonia into the bloodstream, having higher levels of this amino acid can significantly reduce muscle fatigue and exhaustion. Watch the video before you take another bite of watermelon! #Watermelon #Fruit #FoodFacts It helps sore muscles | 0:14 You can eat too much | 1:29 Unripe watermelon isn't as beneficial | 2:35 Watermelon detox is just a fad | 3:30 It counts as a vegetable | 4:29 Go ahead, eat the rind | 5:26

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