ASMR 50 Triggers for ∼2H of Tingles (Fluffy Ears, Mic Scratching, Plastic Cups, Pop Rocks +)

ASMR 50 Triggers for ∼2H of Tingles (Fluffy Ears, Mic Scratching, Plastic Cups, Pop Rocks +)

ASMR Glow 1,768,969 views 2019-02-03

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Title ASMR 50 Triggers for ∼2H of Tingles (Fluffy Ears, Mic Scratching, Plastic Cups, Pop Rocks +)
Duration 1:49:31
Source YouTube
Tags asmr, asmr glow, asmr mic scratching, asmr 50 triggers, asmr ears, asmr fluffy ears, asmr scratching your ears, asmr intense, asmr intense scratching, asmr pop rocks, asmr mouth sounds, asmr lotion sounds, asmr spray, asmr brushing, asmr mic brushing, asmr kisses, asmr kissing sounds, asmr hair cutting, asmr glove sounds, asmr sponge, asmr face brushing, asmr humming, asmr help to sleep, asmr to make you sleep, asmr tapping, asmr countdown, asmr trigger words

Welcome to my new ASMR video! Please give it a thumbs up it would mean SO much to me ! Hope you enjoy!!! - ASMR Glow Clicking the bell to have notifications on would make my DAY! ALSO there's a new 'story' tab on Youtube mobile (like instagram stories) you should check it outt GLOW MERCH: FIND ME ON: SPOTIFY: TINGLES: ITUNES: AMAZON MUSIC DEEZER: Twitch (ASMR+GAMING): Patreon: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TIMESTAMPS: Rodes: 00:00 'Dead cat' mic covers (GUYS DEAD CATS ARE THE FLUFFY MIC COVERS LMAO NOT ACTUAL DEAD CATS holy MOLY) 04:00 Folder Scratching 06:40 Plastic cups on mics (one of my faves!!) 09:21 Mic scratching 12:00 Lush creme jar 15:00 Textured box 16:34 Sequin pillow scratching 19:20 Bubble Wrap 22:03 Pop rocks 25:03 Sticky sounds 26:43 Tooth picks 28:54 Spray 29:27 Plastic sounds 31:57 Cottons on mic 33:34 Cotton sounds 35:09 Brush 36:49 tape pulling 38:44 tapping on phone 41:13 Glove sounds 43:55 Palette scratching 46:18 Zippo 49:09 Textured lid 52:17 Nail file 54:13 Scissor sounds 56:39 Controller sounds 58:57 hair cutting 1:01:02 Hat scratching Blue yeti: 1:03:29 Konjac sponge (NEW, LOVED IT) 1:06:41 mouth sounds 1:09:26 Victoria's secret glass bottle 1:11:17 mic scratching 1:14:15 keyboard sounds 1:15:43 sequin bag 1:19:32 Bag with beads 1:21:24 face brushing 1:22:55 mic brushing 1:25:24 water sounds (water bottle) 1:27:12 unintelligible whispers 1:29:30 'dead cat' mic cover 1:32:00 skin sounds 1:33:17 Breathing + hand movements 1:35:00 lotion sounds 1:37:03 Plastic wrap on mic 1:40:00 shaving cream on plastic wrap and on mic 1:43:00 triggers words (coconut, chocolate, hippocampe, chanson, jolie, un deux trois) 1:45:05 Pillow sounds 1:47:11 humming 1:48:30 countdown

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