Working At Startups Vs. Big Companies As A Software Developer

Working At Startups Vs. Big Companies As A Software Developer

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Title Working At Startups Vs. Big Companies As A Software Developer
Duration 10:59
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Being a new programmer means getting your word out there, sending your CV to a lot of different companies and hoping you'd get called. However, the good news comes in: You've received two proposals. One for a startup and one for a big company. How do you choose between both? What are the pros and cons of each programming job? Both working for a startup and for a big company have its pros and cons. If you're a newbie developer you might want the excitement of working different hats and working with cutting edge technologies, while, on the other hand, you might want the benefits of a big company like Google, Facebook, Amazon or even Intel. How do you choose which programming job you should take? Is there anything you have to take into consideration? Watch this video and find out! πŸ“– THE COMPLETE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER'S CAREER GUIDE πŸ“– Get #1 bestselling book, The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide πŸ›‘ SUBSCRIBE! πŸ›‘ πŸ’² CREATE A BLOG TO BOOST YOUR CAREER - FREE COURSE πŸ’² Take this free course and learn how to make more money, improve your career and even make some side income. πŸ“š ARE YOU MAKING ONE OF THESE LEARNING MISTAKES? πŸ“š Most software developers are learning the wrong way! πŸ’² 7 REASONS YOU ARE UNDERPAID AS A SW DEVELOPER πŸ’² Find out what they are... 🀴 EXCLUSIVE SIMPLE PROGRAMMER MEMBER COMMUNITY 🀴 Join a supportive, motivated community of developers that will keep you energized and making progress toward your goals πŸ“š BOOKS AND RESOURCES I RECOMMEND πŸ“š πŸ’² HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF AS A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER πŸ’² Learn to build a personal brand, get a higher salary, become a respected name in the industry. 🏫 TEN STEPS TO LEARN ANYTHING QUICKLY 🏫 Learn how to learn. πŸ‘• TRUST THE PROCESS SIMPLE PROGRAMMER SHIRT πŸ‘• πŸ”Ž LINKS YOU MIGHT LIKE πŸ”Ž Simple Programmer Website: Soft Skills Book: 🎬 SOCIAL MEDIA 🎬 Facebook: Twitter: IG:

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