The SaaS Master Class - Build Your Own Tech Startup

The SaaS Master Class - Build Your Own Tech Startup

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Title The SaaS Master Class - Build Your Own Tech Startup
Duration 10:30
Source YouTube
Tags saas, SaaSMasterClass, Startup, tech startup, silicon valley, solopreneur, python, java, php, node.js, ror, ruby, javascript, ycombinator, techstars, 500startups, erlang, bash, angular, angularjs, vue.js, vue, react, react.js, js, bootstrap, zurb, coding, coding tutorial, mvc, api, graphql, xss, csrf, dos, ddos, mitm, web security, security, circleci, docker, aws lambda, rds, ec2, elb, kong In this one-of-a-kind course, you'll build your own tech startup from scratch. 365 days, 365 tasks. ​ Section Overview: 1. Research & Ideation 2. Design & Tech Specs 3. Infrastructure & DevOps 4. Backend Development 5. Frontend Development 6. Launching & Iterating 7. Marketing & SEO 8. Conversion Rate Optimization 9. User Retention & Engagement 10. Scaling & Automation 11. Bullshit Backend:​ Node.js, Go, Java, Lua, Erlang, Python, PHP, Ruby, R and Bash​ DataStores: Postgres, Cassandra, MongoDB, RethinkDB, Neo4j, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcache, S3, BigQuery and more​. Frontend: Angular, Vue, and React​, with Bootstrap and Foundation to style them. Plus adding in WebAssembly and Websockets when needed. CI / CD (DevOps): Repos on Github, triggering deployment piplelines in CircleCI, which build Docker Containers or Lambda packages and automatically deploy them to staging and production. Hosting: Almost everything on AWS. Making use of Route53, ELBs, EC2 servers, ElasticSearch service, RDS service, SQS queues, the API Gateway, and Lambda​. Integrations and CDNs: Too many to list. Stripe, Paypal, Mailgun, ConvertKit, Vimeo, Cloudinary, and Cloudflare to name a few. Security: An overarching subject we'll visit and revisit dozens of times throughout the course. We'll cover how to protect your application against XSS, XST, CSRF, MITM, DOS, Brute Force and other attacks​. We'll cover how to build in 2-factor auth for your users, hash their passwords with Argon2 and Bcrypt, detect bot behavior with ReCAPTCHA v3, and more. We'll also cover how to hire Pentesters, run bug bounty programs, deal with hackers who try to extort you for money, write Responsible Disclosure policies, and several other related topics. Only on Looking forward to having you join us! #SaaSMasterClass #Startup #SaaS

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