How to License Products with Stephen Key

How to License Products with Stephen Key

College Alternative Podcast 14,845 views 2017-04-09

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Title How to License Products with Stephen Key
Duration 59:12
Source YouTube
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If you have a product idea or an invention, the traditional route to follow is to jump into product development as an entrepreneur. But to do so successfully, you must have capital, time, and experience. Even then, there's a risk of failure. In this interview with Stephen Key, we will describe an alternate route. If you have a product idea, learn how to license products, so that you minimize risk, time, and leverage your skills. When you license products, you spend your time creating ideas, rather than selling or marketing. You'll get a passive income, and you get to do what you love! The best part is, it's a lot of fun. Stephen Key is an entrepreneur, inventor, and the founder of Invent Right. In this interview, Stephen Key will explain his ten steps to license products, and how anyone with "one simple idea" can follow in his footsteps. For the full transcript and show notes, or to learn more about how to get hired without a college degree, check out: This episode will cover: -Who is Stephen Key? -The difference between licensing and starting a business -The dark side of entrepreneurship -Stephen Key's path to success, including the ups and downs of licensing -Why licensing isn't being taught in school -How to get a great idea for licensing -What makes a product great for licensing versus selling on its own -Which industries are most friendly toward licensing -Words of wisdom for anyone struggling to find success in life Whether you're looking for a career change in the trades or job ideas, this is a great interview to watch. Photo credit: Music Credit: Find out more about job ideas that don't require college at

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