Inhaled Anesthetics in 15 minutes| STEP NCLEX COMLEX

Inhaled Anesthetics in 15 minutes| STEP NCLEX COMLEX

Step 1 Domination 8,505 views 2019-01-31

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Title Inhaled Anesthetics in 15 minutes| STEP NCLEX COMLEX
Duration 17:28
Source YouTube
Tags inhalation anesthesia, inhalational anesthetics, inhalational anaesthetic agents, inhaled anesthetics, minimum alveolar concentration, anesthesia gas, anesthetics pharmacology, halothane, enflurane, nitrous oxide, lungs, nclex pharmacology review, nclex pharmacology, nclex pharmacology questions, nclex pharmacology tips, inhalation anesthesia definition, nitrous oxide high, halothane inhalation, nitrous oxide effects on humans, anesthesia gases used in surgery

This video on inhaled anesthetic drugs is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness. Talk to your doctor with any related concerns. This video is for educational purposes only. Awesome video discussing the important points on each of the main inhalded anesthesia drugs.

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