"No pain / no damage" photoacoustic 3D imaging

"No pain / no damage" photoacoustic 3D imaging

JST Channel 1,847 views 2019-03-17

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Title "No pain / no damage" photoacoustic 3D imaging
Duration 09:39
Source YouTube
Tags Photoacoustic 3D imaging, diagnostic imaging, blood vessels, nondestructive testing, non-contrast agent, non-invasive

Blood vessel is an important organ that supplies oxygen, nutrition, and keeps body temperature. Because of this, it is closely related to disease, healing and skin aging. In hospitals, CT and MRI with contrast agents are usually used to examine blood vessels in detail. Photoacoustic 3D imaging developed by this ImPACT program can image blood vessels with ultra-high resolution without contrast agents. In the near future, it will be applied to early diagnosis of disease and evaluation of therapeutic effect. This video introduces the principles of photoacoustic 3D imaging, the application of vascular imaging to medicine and cosmetic fields, and the application of nondestructive testing of industrial products.

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