How to Patent Software

How to Patent Software

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Title How to Patent Software
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How to patent software - part 1 More information available at: How to patent software video number 1 of two part series on how to patent software. How to patent software has become a hot topic and I thought I would make this video on how to patent software. Software patents are a very hot topic right now. If you are a developer or a small business you must learn how to patent software. US patent law allows for different types of patent applications. In order to understand how to patent software, you must first understand the different types of patents. This video will show you the types of patents available and how to patent software. The most important thing to remember is that you should always file your patent application first before you launch your new software product. How to patent software video 1 will show you why this is needed and how to patent software video 2 will show you exactly how to do this. Once you are ready to patent software, you can either hire an attorney or a patent agent. They should already know how to patent software. You can also write and file your own patent application which is why you should watch my video on how to patent software. The history of software patents is a little bizarre. Many people did not know how to patent software because software patents are very new. Getting patents on methods such as chemical methods is very old. Software patents are a type of method patents but use a computer to perform the method.

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