The CHINESE Conquest of the MIDDLE EAST - VisualPolitik EN

The CHINESE Conquest of the MIDDLE EAST - VisualPolitik EN

VisualPolitik EN 343,198 views 2019-11-22

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Title The CHINESE Conquest of the MIDDLE EAST - VisualPolitik EN
Duration 14:13
Source YouTube
Tags VISUALPOLITIK, ENGLISH, china, united states, usa, trump, donald trump china, middle east, saudi arabia, israel, palestine, duqm, oman, xi jinping, enegy dependence, china weakness, international politics, economy, persian gulf

The Middle East has become one of the great chess boards of international politics. And it makes sense, they have all the reasons to: The Middle East is located between three continents; It’s the largest hydrocarbons source in the world; It’s an enclave through which a good part of international trade passes, and to top it off it’s the heart of one of the biggest religions on the planet. Not to mention that it’s also a huge piggy bank. Maybe that’s why, in the last few decades, the great American Empire has practically had complete control over the region. However now, silently, without attracting attention, things are beginning to change. And all because another empire is coming. And now, now , two empires are fighting to take control of the Middle East with very different strategies. Do you want to know the role that China plays in this entire story? Don’t miss this video... Support us on Patreon! And don't forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media:

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