phentermine weight loss | daily routine | down 62 pounds

phentermine weight loss | daily routine | down 62 pounds

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Title phentermine weight loss | daily routine | down 62 pounds
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My daily routine on phentermine 37.5mg Hi everyone this video is on a few tips of what I do to loose extra weight on phentermine. When on phentermine I know of a lot of people who choose not to eat at all.. its important you eat because when your done with the medication you can gain back all the weight you lost and even more. Most of the people I know gained weight back. Theres been two times I stopped taking if for about 2 weeks and I lost 5 pounds on my own each time. I believe ill be able to keep my weight off because im slowly loosing weight. Before I started taking phentermine I lost 15 pounds on my own so while on the medication I've lost 47. If any questions comment down below. Thank you!

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