How to ACTUALLY LEARN using programming tutorials!

How to ACTUALLY LEARN using programming tutorials!

Andy Sterkowitz 22,911 views 2019-07-22

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Title How to ACTUALLY LEARN using programming tutorials!
Duration 13:44
Source YouTube
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For those who are looking to teach themselves software development, you are going to have to use learning resources. The most popular approach to learning right now are tutorials in the form of video courses/books. There is an abundance of resources to choose from right now and the question really comes down to: how do you get the most out of programming tutorials? In this video I'll give you some insight into how people use tutorials the right away and avoid some of the issues that others have had. 👥 *** JOIN MY GROUP *** Looking for a high-quality group of software developers where you can discuss your ideas and not be bombarded by spam? Then come join my free Facebook group! You can access it by going to: 📄 *** DOWNLOAD MY FREE REPORT *** For my free report on the five best programming languages in 2019 (for beginners) go to:

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