How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps

How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps

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Title How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps
Duration 31:56
Source YouTube
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What if a Passenger was the ONLY one left to land the plane? Could a passenger theoretically do it, without ANY previous knowledge or training? In todays Special video, I will go through the required steps that will have to be taken in the cockpit in order to set the aircraft up for a safe auto-land. There will be around 20 different individual steps that needs to be taken and none of them can be omitted or done in the wrong order. This all depends on the passenger getting into contact with Air Traffic Control and being reasonably close to a suitable runway. If you want to download this video and keep in your phone or mobile device, you can do so inside the Mentour Aviation app. To Download the app, use the following links: 👇🏻 📲IOS: 📲Android: To join my Patreon crew, and support my channel, use this link: 📲 To follow my life on Instagram, use the following link: 📲

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