Soredex CRANEX® 3D 3D Dental Imaging System YouTube

Soredex CRANEX® 3D 3D Dental Imaging System YouTube

Dental News 3,470 views 2012-08-16

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Title Soredex CRANEX® 3D 3D Dental Imaging System YouTube
Duration 05:26
Source YouTube
Tags Soredex, CRANEX®, 3D, Dental, Imaging, System, YouTube

3D Dental Imaging System The CRANEX® 3D is a high quality dental imaging system with panoramic, optional cephalometric and Cone Beam 3D imaging programs. Its versatility offers dental clinics one of the most dynamic imaging systems available to meet their needs. The CRANEX® 3D combines ease of use and top performance for demanding dental clinics. Its fresh and compact design makes it a desirable choice for dentists. Dental clinics benefit from the 3D imaging with more accurate clinical information and treatment planning tools. 3D imaging enables clinicians to see detailed anatomical structures with three-dimensional reconstructions and cross-sectional views.

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