3 Tips to Overcome Impostor Syndrome!

3 Tips to Overcome Impostor Syndrome!

Andy Sterkowitz 6,603 views 2019-10-06

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Title 3 Tips to Overcome Impostor Syndrome!
Duration 12:01
Source YouTube
Tags self-taught programmer, self-taught software developer, andy sterkowitz, impostor syndrome software engineer, impostor syndrome programmer, programming, software development, software engineering, computer science, how to become a software engineer

The anxiety that comes with trying to get into a career as a software developer can be pretty intense. It's hard not to feel like an impostor when you've been learning to code on your own. In today's video I cover three pieces of advice that will help you to overcome impostor syndrome for good. 👥 *** JOIN MY GROUP *** Looking for a high-quality group of software developers where you can discuss your ideas and not be bombarded by spam? Then come join my free Facebook group! You can access it by going to: https://andysterkowitz.com/group 📄 *** DOWNLOAD MY FREE REPORT *** For my free report on the five best programming languages in 2019 (for beginners) go to: https://andysterkowitz.com/report

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