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I just moved into a new office!! The office started out as a horrendous mess, then remodeling the office itself with new lights, new windows, new trim, refinished floors, and all new paint really made a HUGE difference!! And what better time to rebuild my DIY desk? And build a new one? This isn't the final form of the office. I still need to build my PC, integrate some noise cancellation, and hang some personality on these bare walls. I know this isn't a coding-related video but figured y'all would want to see the office come together. I love watching videos like this! If you're in dire-need of coding stuff everyday, just sign up with Daily Coding Problem @ for free coding problems emailed to you everyday. If you decide you want the solutions as well, you can get those for $8/month with code "forrest" DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional woodworker. This is NOT meant to be used as a tutorial, but to show off how far the office has come. Even though I shared MY step-by-step process into building my desks, don't blame me if you chop off your fing... well you get the idea. ---------------------------------------------------------- I document and share my experiences on topics including computer science & software engineering. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber. My less nerdy activities include fishing, hunting, surfing, and snowboarding. I'm just here to have some fun. Subscribe, so you don't miss a thing! Become an algorithms expert with AlgoExpert --- (use promo code "forrest" for 30% off) Receive free coding questions from Daily Coding Problem --- (use promo code "forrest" for 10% off premium) Two Months of Skillshare FREE! --- Learn with Coursera! --- Learn with Udemy! --- Sellfy Store --- My Office --- ----------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA ----------------------------- Instagram --- Twitter --- GitHub --- Twitch --- Medium --- Discord --- ----------------------------- DESK SETUP ----------------------------- Monitor --- Monitor Arm --- Standing Desk --- Desk Chair --- Keyboard --- Mouse --- Mousepad --- Microphone --- ----------------------------- VIDEO GEAR ----------------------------- My NEW Camera --- Microphone --- Tripod --- Bendy Tripod --- Editing Software --- Music ---

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