Get Better Mixes in 7 Minutes! [PRO SECRETS REVEALED]

Get Better Mixes in 7 Minutes! [PRO SECRETS REVEALED]

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Title Get Better Mixes in 7 Minutes! [PRO SECRETS REVEALED]
Duration 07:56
Source YouTube
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You can be Getting Better Mixes in 7 minutes. Learn the proven A/B mixing strategy used by pro mixing engineers, to bring your music mixes up to the next level. Subscribe here for more music tips and strategy videos. Please hit LIKE, Subscribe and "ring the bell" for more music production and mixing tutorial videos like this one, to help bring your music career up to the next level. If your mixing ability is holding you back, you’re not alone. This 7 minute music mixing tutorial will give you a proven strategy used by pro mixing engineers to help get your mixes up to a professional level, and get your music more listens, likes, placements and sales. This simple strategy helped propel my musical career to 14 gold/records and 8 #1 Billboard Hits, and forever changed the way I approach mixing music and music production. It will also help develop your ear and your critical listening skills. So what is this proven strategy on getting better mixes? It’s called the Art of A/B ing. This is where you compare your mix to other commercially released songs, analyze the differences and make adjustments, until your song has the sound and the presence of the song you’re comparing it to. We break the critical listening session down into 7 parts and show you how to analyze each category, and give you the 3 guidelines for choosing the song to compare your mix to. And we’ll show you one critical thing you must do before comparing your mixes. In future videos we'll be going through each of the 7 steps in more detail. -------------------- Links Plugins and gear used in this tutorial: Mac Pro...blown up!!! Logic Pro X Waves L3 Multimaximizer Waves PAZ Analyzer Waves WLM Plus Get 10% off the Waves plugin price if you click the link below, and we'll get 10% off for referring you. So why not? :) Quad Recording Studios ------------------- Connect with us at:

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