They Surveyed 90,000 Developers!!

They Surveyed 90,000 Developers!!

ForrestKnight 34,560 views 2019-04-30

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Title They Surveyed 90,000 Developers!!
Duration 11:38
Source YouTube
Tags stack overflow, developer survey, they surveyed 90000 developers, engineer survey, coding survey, coding, software developer, software engineer, 2019 stack overflow developer survey, stack overflow dev survey, computer science, programmer, programming, coder, software development, stackoverflow

First 500 People Get 2 Months of Skillshare FREE --- Let's have some fun with the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey! This video is sponsored by Skillshare. ---------------------------------------------------------- I document and share my experiences on topics including computer science & software engineering. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber. My less nerdy activities include fishing, hunting, surfing, and snowboarding. I'm just here to have some fun. Subscribe, so you don't miss a thing! Get a free-for-life AngelList account --- Become an algorithms expert with AlgoExpert --- (use promo code "forrest" for 30% off) Receive free coding questions from Daily Coding Problem --- (use promo code "forrest" for 10% off premium) Learn with Coursera! --- Learn with Udemy! --- My App Design Store --- My Amazon Affiliate Link --- ----------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA ----------------------------- Instagram --- Twitter --- GitHub --- Twitch --- Medium --- Discord --- ----------------------------- DESK SETUP ----------------------------- Monitor --- Monitor Arm --- Standing Desk --- Desk Chair --- Keyboard --- Mouse --- Mousepad --- Microphone --- ----------------------------- VIDEO GEAR ----------------------------- My NEW Camera --- Microphone --- Tripod --- Bendy Tripod --- Editing Software ---

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