Biggest Roulette Machine Win

Biggest Roulette Machine Win

Stop and Step 394,732 views 2015-12-19

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Title Biggest Roulette Machine Win
Duration 06:25
Source YouTube
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Visit for gambling news, reviews, tips and comments My biggest roulette machine win ever, in Coral. I started with just £10 on Rainbow Riches. Lost it all, so inserted £200, lost it all, £300 over the counter... In total I put in £800, and went down to just £47 before hitting a silver pot on Rainbow Riches Pure Gold for £247, then about 6 spins later, a bronze pot for £190. Both pots were very high, I had been chasing them all week. I moved over to Super Gambler Roulette and Key Bet 100, and hit a great sequence which is when I started recording. I started with £800, so a profit of about £1700.

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