7 reasons why you should consider becoming an LPN | Must Watch

7 reasons why you should consider becoming an LPN | Must Watch

Mercy Gono BSN, RN 37,053 views 2019-08-10

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Title 7 reasons why you should consider becoming an LPN | Must Watch
Duration 14:14
Source YouTube
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Baby Nadia's store - https://shopnadiacloset.com/ I Quit My Nursing Job | Nursing is not for me. ? | Stress | Shame - https://youtu.be/bNngtdrvnew RN VS. LPN | LPNs ARE NOT REAL NURSES ? | THE REAL DIFFERENCES - https://youtu.be/NvyHGp5yHpU Hey family Here is great video about 7 reasons why you should consider becoming an LPN. This video will help you with your decision of becoming an LPN. Without giving too much away, please watch the video till the end. Thank you all so much for the love and support. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. See you all in my next one. Instagram: @mercygono @nurseempowered Facebook : Mercy D Gono SNAPCHAT: missgono Personal email: [email protected] Mercy family vlog - https://youtu.be/5jXPrTHHMXQ REAL REASONS WHY NURSES ARE QUITTING NURSING. | STORY TIME | https://youtu.be/CsGIivCkmKo MY FIRST CODE | STORY TIME | QUITTING YOUTUBE | LIFE UPDATE - https://youtu.be/fITXudh9qaI WHAT'S IN MY NURSING BAG ? | HOME HEALTH EDITION - https://youtu.be/vwnjvgKB2tw HARDEST PARTS OF NURSING SCHOOL| HOW TO OVERCOME IT | NURSING STUDENTS TIPS. - https://youtu.be/vPlao1uScJg Watch This Before You Choose Nursing As A Career. Things You Should know About Nursing - https://youtu.be/2rrdz58_DuA WHAT TO EXPECT DURING/AFTER NURSING SCHOOL | TIPS FROM REAL NURSES #VLOG - https://youtu.be/Krvc0jddVf0 HATE BEDSIDE NURSING ? ALTERNATIVE NURSING POSITIONS. - https://youtu.be/RwM0bMPgTaw CNA TO BSN, RN | #storytime | the truth about my nursing journey. https://youtu.be/c23IrCdPiOY

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