Living Liverpool Homeless (Documentary 2018)

Living Liverpool Homeless (Documentary 2018)

meisterBYZ 101,826 views 2018-06-13

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Title Living Liverpool Homeless (Documentary 2018)
Duration 36:20
Source YouTube
Tags Documentary, Document, Homeless, homelessness, 2018, video, doc, film, movie, filming, England, Uk, liverpool, Right, Wrong, Poor, real, life, lonely, substances, raw, footage, documentaryfilm, Lasse, Schjerbeck, Nielsen, Lasse Schjerbeck Nielsen, Made, by, lol, Cinematography, simple, people, world, months, perspective, drugs, street, streetlife

This film is about a real persons life on the streets in Liverpool, year 2018. It's explicit and raw and shows the true life of how it is to be homeless in the UK. This journey is about 3 months long, and these 36 minutes will maybe change your perspective on the homeless people.

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