Growing Wealthier - 20 Ways to Raise your Value

Growing Wealthier - 20 Ways to Raise your Value

Douglas Kruger 72,656 views 2019-09-29

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Title Growing Wealthier - 20 Ways to Raise your Value
Duration 1:00:13
Source YouTube
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To raise your wealth, raise your value. Douglas Kruger is the author of 'Poverty Proof: 50 Ways to Train your Brain for Wealth,' and 'Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor: 50 Ways the Rich Think Differently'. Here, he shares 20 ways to raise your value, in order to change your financial trajectory and get rich. All of these answers are within your control, and do not rely on any 'get rich quick' scheme. Douglas is a professional speaker who has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. Meet him at, where you can book him as the keynote speaker for your next conference or event, or sign up for his free motivational newsletter.

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