How a World-Class Poker Pro Beat Addiction to Win Millions

How a World-Class Poker Pro Beat Addiction to Win Millions

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Title How a World-Class Poker Pro Beat Addiction to Win Millions
Duration 07:04
Source YouTube
Tags jon van fleet, poker, poker pro, apestyles, online poker, interview, candid, recovery, drug abuse, addiction, alcohol, alcoholism, vancouver, mexico, inspiring, brave, documentary, rehab

Jon Van Fleet's poker career has taken him all over the world and he's beat thousands of opponents but no matter where he went, his toughest opponent was always right there with him. For more original poker content go to Jon Van Fleet is one of the most successful online poker players in history. In this video he opens up about his battles with depression, drugs and alcohol and the role that played in his poker career and life. Jon's been in recovery for four years, focusing on putting down roots and getting more balance in his life. And it seems to be working. Just two weeks before doing this video, Jon had the biggest score of his poker career. He won a $1,000 buy-in tournament on partypoker for $153,000 USD. In the video Jon goes into detail on the path he took following Black Friday and how it ended with his friends intervening when things got out of control in Cabo San Lucas. Jon speaks openly and honestly about very personal and challenging topics to share his experience with other people who might be going through similar stuff. Watch the video to learn more and follow for more original poker content: ★★ Twitter: ★★ Facebook: ★★ Instagram:

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