How to Create a Plan to Pay Off Debt

How to Create a Plan to Pay Off Debt

The Budget Mom 122,232 views 2018-12-27

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Title How to Create a Plan to Pay Off Debt
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In the beginning, paying off debt might seem impossible. Without a plan, it can be hard to know what step to take first. In this video, I show you what tool I used to start my debt payoff journey. It helped me decide which method I wanted to use, and it showed me the outcome for my decisions. Need motivation? See how much interest you can save based on the method you choose, and how long it will take you to pay it all off. LINKS REFERRED IN THIS VIDEO Vertex42 Debt Snowball Calculator: The Budgeting Method That Changed My Life: Join the TBM Family Facebook Community: How to Start Using the Cash Envelope Method: Don't forget to subscribe! ABOUT ME I'm the blogger behind I have a rambunctious 6-year-old son, live in Washington, and I'm passionate about helping people with money management and personal finance. Let me know what you like to learn more about! Leave me comments and suggestions on my video and let me know! YOU CAN FIND ME AT: Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: GET STARTED Start Here: Free Email Course: Free Resources: GET 10% OFF my popular 2019 Budget-by-Paycheck Workbook - Coupon Code TBMYOUTUBE CONTACT [email protected]

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